APeRture Photography

Before sterilising bottles, changing nappies and being a responsible parent (almost!) I was partial to some landscape photography. This was my first foray into Social Media with an Instagram account set up for APeRture Photography UK. I purchased by first DSLR in 2012 before heading to New Zealand where I spent 3 weeks shooting in “Auto” *facepalm*

Since then I have progressed slightly, upgrading my gear as well as increasing my knowledge of the world of photography both in terms of landscapes and in recent times portrait and lifestyle. I have also developed (no pun intended) my skills in Photoshop to bring out the best of my shots.

As you will see my style is long exposure photography capturing moving water and clouds but head over to IG for more.


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Current Kit:

  • Nikon D7200
  • Nikon D3200
  • Sigma 18-250 3.5-6.3
  • Nikon 35m 1.4
  • Hoya Filters
  • Giottos MTL9351B


If you have any questions about kit, technique or Photoshop feel free to drop me an email.

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