Open Letter to Baby Number 2

An open letter to my unborn child, apologising and readying them for their descent into this world.

Dear Number 2,

Hey, I’m Daddy (you can call me Dadda, even da… we’ll work up to Daddy). Think of me as half of the Production crew.

Whilst we haven’t been formally introduced yet, we’ve seen a few blurry pictures of you and you’ve probably heard a bit about us over the last 9 months – hopefully you aren’t bored of our voices already. Would you believe, some people use this methodology to find a partner (I notice your facepalm below), but hopefully this meeting won’t involve a girl with a moustache that wasn’t evident in the blurry photos (that has never happened to me honestly!)


First Facepalm

Anyway I digress, I wanted to write a brief letter to you – lets call it an apology – for a number of things before you drop into this world:

  • The name… I know, I know, “Number 2” is not in any way glamorous! I’m deeply sorry, but to save giving everyone the background on Jellybean (your sister) and Jellytot (you) this was the most common approach to referring to a second offspring outside of the family;
  • The pregnancy excitement (or lack of)… whilst Mummy R and I cannot put into words how happy and excited we are that you will be gracing us with your presence in a few weeks (don’t be longer or Mummy will be less happy!) the second pregnancy in no way mirrors the meandering bliss of the first – a Sunday drive in the countryside as opposed to a sprint trip down the Autobahn that the last 9 months seem to have been.

With your older sister, we would have many a free hour to talk through mundane baby things to the nth degree – car seats, prams, bottles, teats, dummies etc. However, the aforementioned big sister takes up so much of our time that we have been forced to cram these discussions into the two hours between her going to bed and us crashing out or our brains being so mushed that human interaction let alone discussion was a step to far;

  • The shopping trips… these have been few and far between for a couple of reasons:
    • Lots of the stuff is being handed down – not because we are tight but you children grow out of things so quickly it would be a travesty to buy it all new. Don’t panic this money will be used for other things from which you will benefit and because we had so much time first time round we bought well!!;
    • You made Mummy feel so rubbish throughout the entire pregnancy that days out were numbered!;
    • When we did get out, your elder sister would get annoyed, Mummy would then get annoyed and subsequently Daddy would get annoyed that the other two were annoyed and the trip was generally a rushed disaster. As a result, online shopping was always much more successful!;
    • You were not fortunate enough to have Great Nan forcing us to go shopping every weekend, offering to buy everything we looked at so we felt bad and bought it ourselves!;
    • Because we wanted to keep your sex (that means boy bits or girl bits!) a surprise (I know you know, but we don’t), we could not buy too much in advance of your arrival. Hence the ability to spoil you has been greatly hindered – however this is more postponed than cancelled… fear not little one.
  • Your bedroom… based on the last point above, we do not know whether we need to redecorate your bedroom. If you transpire to be blue one, I apologise profusely that your nursery is currently sporting a violet and pink floral theme… we promise to get this changed as soon as we can. Tell you what, we will let you sleep in with us to start with whilst we get the decorating done. We have some cool wallpapers and ideas should it need to be redecorated. If you turn out to be a pink one, you can battle with Mummy over whether you want to change her beloved wallpaper! Good luck with that!

This all sounds like our lives are already too busy, but don’t worry. When you arrive, you will have the most love and attention you could possibly wish for. I have two arms and two shoulders.. plenty of space for you. To let you in on a little secret, we have been working hard to invest as much time in Tegan while we could, so that when you arrived she didn’t have pre-conceived ideas that you were the competition/devil/all round bad guy (or girl)! The good news is I think it’s worked!!… over the months she has become way more receptive of you and only yesterday said she was bored of waiting and wanted to meet you now (don’t keep her waiting… she gets her patience from Mummy!) In other news, you can finally share “her cot” which she vacated five months ago but still remains very possessive over. To be welcomed into “her cot” should not be underestimated…  its like the Illuminati!

I’m convinced she will be a great big sister and help you do so many things – walk, talk, “negotiate” with Mummy and Daddy (she’s a pro… only yesterday she had four ice poles)!

But fear not young padowan, when you need cuddles overnight I will be there, when you need picking up after you’ve fallen I will be there, when you need an overly competitive (read embarrassing) Daddy at sports day I will be there!  There may not be any more hours in the day, but there are certainly more coffee beans in the world so that will get us through!

Mummy, Daddy, Tegan and yourself will make a dream team.


I’m logging out for now (your sister wants some milk!) but I wish you a safe entry into this world and can’t wait to hold you very soon.

Love you forever,

Dad x

p.s. please don’t hold any of this against your sister, she is a good ‘un really and I’m sure you will soon form a formidable tag team!

  1. Such a special time, I remember just wanting to hold on to every minute of it being the three of us. But also wishing the time away to the safe arrival of number 2. Enjoy every moment ❤️


    1. Thanks Denise, its definitely a strange dilemma and gives rise to a completely different dynamic throughout the pregnancy.


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