Welcome to dad-blogger.com!

Hey everyone – Adam here – a thirty-two (and a very big bit!) year old dad of one.

Tegan is two and a half going on fifteen and our second child is on the way in the next 30 days or so. Besides drinking copious amounts of coffee, chasing around after a hyperactive two-year old and planning for another…..  I thought what better way to fill all my spare time than to start a blog! 

I will try to post as frequently as I can and aim to write some of the everyday parenthood milestones and issues from a dads point of view. My day job in systems and automation (yawn!) doesn’t give much opportunity to pull out the Crayola pens and get creative so hopefully this will allow me to share my views – a release for me and hopefully useful for some readers out there – and also put my English GCSE to good use for the first time in 16 years!


Why did I choose to blog you may ask, a fair question! Before, Tegan was born I was an avid landscape photographer but since her arrival and various factors which I am sure I will touch on in the not too distant future, this became almost impossible. So in June, I decided to set up an IG account for her to encourage me to take more photos of her and also allow me to edit photos and be part of the IG community again – something which I had missed.

This soon became an addiction (in a good way!) and through that platform I have found lots of parents, both mums and dads, in a similar position, either looking for help or happy to offer assistance to some of the tough obstacles we all encounter as part of the parenthood journey. I was then asked to write for another blogger which convinced me that I should indeed set up my own page.

So voila…. DAD-BLOGGER.com is born… lets see how it goes! 


Please excuse the amateur website so far – this is another steep learning curve that I shall be undertaking… any advice gratefully appreciated.

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