Hi all, I’m Adam (aka Dad-Blogger), a thirty-something (think lower middle) Kent based dad of two. Happily married to Mummy R and spent the last three years blagging my way through parenthood to varying degrees of success. At some point along the way we decided adding another little nappy wearing bundle of joy would be a good idea. What could possibly go wrong?! 


The blog will go back to the start, charting the highs and lows from Tegan’s first two and a half years. I’ll also keep you up to date on the introduction of Baby R (due October 30th)  as well as some of the emotions (yes dads have them too!) felt throughout pregnancy, labour and fatherhood. Hopefully providing a useful platform for me and the readers to exchange views and experiences – think of it as a virtual night in the pub with other dads (but with no hangover and your kids still clinging to you legs!)!  


Where possible I will also write some reviews about the baby related purchases we have made along our journey.  


A few interesting facts about me….

  1. my hair is greying at an alarming rate (Tegan now points this out regularly!);
  2. the only thing more alarming appears to be my blood pressure which is heading through the mesosphere;
  3. 2 is a result of the sheer volume of caffeine that I intake on a daily basis to allow me to function (partially) at work!;
  4. On the subject of work.. the bills are paid through my job in Tax Technology (yawn!)… I promise to never mention this again! 


Feel free to check out my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (links at the top) or fire me an eMail. 


Happy reading.

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